Monday, October 26, 2009


At the Abortioneers’ blog, a post regarding Friday night’s Law and Order episode:
Besides the blatant anti-choice views throughout the epsiode, there was a blasphemous account of a doctor that would accidentally deliver a live fetus and offer to "finish" the procedure. It is heinous to insinuate that this would happen and that Dr. Tiller had ever done this.
Unfortunately, it did happen. Abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzales was arrested after killing a child who was born alive during a botched abortion.
On March 3, police arrested clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez on felony charges of “tampering with evidence and practicing healthcare without a license that resulted in injury,” according to the Herald. Gonzales “is accused of cutting Shanice’s umbilical cord on July 20, 2006, after the surprise [live] birth inside the clinic, and sweeping the baby into a medical waste bag,” the Herald reported. “Then, Hialeah police said, she hid the body from detectives for one week.”

Also, notice the use of the “blasphemous.” Are abortionists sacred figures now?

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