Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life Links 10/20/09

At the Stand to Reason blog, Amy Hall has some good insights into the academic paper by abortionist Lisa Miller posted at the Abortioneers blog regarding how those in the abortion industry react to second-trimester abortions.
It is utterly amazing to me that a person could see some of these things so clearly, could be informed so strongly by her own moral intuition, could grasp the contradictions, and yet could have a response that seeks to find a way to overcome the "visual and visceral ways in which first and second trimester abortions are different," rather than to reflect logically on what these things might mean and ask the question, How on earth could one person's "hopes and wishes" magically transform "unspeakable violence" against another person into something acceptable that one ought to work hard to encourage?

The human ability to reshape the conscience through argument, even in the face of such dramatic, "visceral" reactions to the contrary should give us pause. My guess is that unless you have carefully trained yourself otherwise, merely reading the descriptions above was sickening. But what if you, like the author, were wrongly convinced that something far more morally significant was at stake? Something that you believed would suffer if you gave in to your moral intuitions and rational questioning of contradictions? And further, what if the pressures of your respected colleagues and the culture consistently spoke against your own conscience? Could you not also be capable of convincing yourself of anything?

Dr. Edward Erin, a British doctor who spiked the drink of his mistress Bella Prowse in a failed attempt to cause her to miscarry has been found guilty of attempting to administer poison.
When she fell pregnant the doctor begged her to have an abortion, claiming if she had the baby it would "kill him and he would have to leave work".

She became suspicious after allegedly finding yellow powder in a cup of Earl Grey tea Dr Erin made for her in January 2008.
An article in the First Post notes that Prowse didn't want an abortion because she had one in 2002 and felt it was a mistake.

A man in the Santa Barbara area has admitted to killing a woman he had sex with after she continued to contact him and claimed that she was pregnant with his child.
After sending a few heated text messages back and forth, Musser said he decided to ignore her and headed home, where he again smoked marijuana. At 11 p.m., he got a phone call from Zazueta and the two reportedly talked for 15 to 20 minutes.

Musser said he told her to get an abortion and leave him alone before he eventually hung up on her. Despite several calls from her, he said he didn’t answer and planned to go to sleep.

But after getting a text message from Zazueta at midnight saying she was coming over, Musser said he snapped.

“I said if she comes over here, I’m going to kill her,” he told Ella during the interview. “…That’s when I lost my soul.”

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