Monday, October 26, 2009

Life Links 10/26/09

Friday’s Law and Order episode "Dignity" (clip here) was a “ripped from the headlines” episode which focused on abortion and the murder of a late-term abortionist in a church reminiscent of abortionist George Tiller’s murder over the summer. I watched the episode was surprised to see Law and Order’s writers actually allow prolife arguments to be presented by someone other than an unflattering sidewalk counselor. There was even a segment which seemed based on Brenda Pratt Shafer’s partial-birth abortion testimony except the baby was completely born as opposed to partially born. A few pro-choicers like Salon’s Kate Harding and abortion clinic director Charlotte Taft were less than pleased.

Disgraced South Korean cloning researcher Hwang Woo-Suk has been convicted for embezzling research funds and illegally buying human eggs. The court has suspended his two-year sentence for three years.

The Daily Princetonian has an article on Peter Singer’s 10 years at Princeton which includes some quotes from Not Dead Yet’s Stephen Drake and others who are repulsed by Singer’s views.
“I don’t agree with Princeton’s policy of promoting professors regardless of their worldview,” said Alan Moore ’71, a retired medical academic who stopped donating money to the University 10 years ago because of Singer’s appointment. Moore had worked with pediatric intensive care units trying to save infants and he said he took specific issue with Singer’s views on infanticide.

“Princeton’s point of view I find morally repugnant,” he explained. “I can guarantee you that if there were a world-famous scholar that called for the extermination of all Jews, Princeton wouldn’t hire the professor. Princeton just accepts infanticide as a valid point of view. Only in an Eastern, liberal ivory tower setting can he espouse such a view.”

The Grand Rapids Press shares a story about perinatal hospice which includes a slide show of Chloe’s short life.
When Jody Kyser learned a few months into her pregnancy that her baby had a chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 18, she was certain about one thing: she would do what she could to make the child’s life comfortable, for as long as that might be.

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