Friday, October 23, 2009

Abortion in Health Care Debate Continues

Michigan's Bart Stupak and other prolife Dems still aren't seeing eye-to-eye with the pro-choice leadership on abortion in health care refrom.

Washington Post religion writer Anthony Stevens-Arroyo needs to get a clue. Seriously, how misinformed does someone have to be to still think that the Hyde Amendment (appropriations amendment which only applies to federal medicaid funding) prevents the funding of abortion in health care reform? It's like the Post went looking for someone who had less research ability than a high school freshman. Also, this paragraph doesn't make any sense:
If the bishops need to add clarifying language to proposed legislation that repeats the Hyde Amendment, there are better ways of lobbying, I would think. Why not approach a known Pro-life Democrat like Senator Robert Casey, Jr. of my state to work from the inside? At a meeting I attended with the Senator, he said as much, pointing out that he broke ranks with his party when just such an amendment was proposed and rejected by the Democrats.
So if the bishops want language like the Hyde Amendment inserted into the bill they should have tried that using a prolife Democrat who voted for an amendment which was already voted down????? Think about that for one second. Steven-Arroyo is suggesting they do something they already tried to do and is acting like it's some fresh new idea he came up even though he knows it was already tried.

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