Friday, October 16, 2009

Life Links 10/16/09

Ed West shreds Alan Guttmacher Institute's "70,000 women die annually from unsafe abortion" estimate.
I don’t doubt many women die as a result of unsafe abortion, but no one can possibly have any idea of the real figure, especially as so much of it goes on it countries where there are virtually no statistics for anything.

In its 2007 report, Unsafe Abortion, the World Health Organisation admitted: “Where induced abortion is restricted and largely inaccessible, or legal but difficult to obtain, little information is available on abortion practice. In such circumstances, it is difficult to quantify and classify abortion. What information is available is inevitably not completely relaible.” The United Nations Population Division calls the estimates “quite speculative since hard data are missing for the large majority of countries”.

In other words – politically-motivated guesswork.

That doesn’t stop people trying. The Guttmacher Institute also claims there are up to 800,000 illegal abortions a year in the Philippines, which would make its rate three times that of the UK, where abortion is on demand and subsidised by the taxpayer. Does anyone believe that figure?

Detroit will host a stem cell conference put on by the Genetics Policy Institute, an organization which advocates in favor of human cloning for research.

Cathy Ruse relays a couple of stories about mothers killing their newborn children and the reaction of judges to their crimes.
My point in raising these cases is not to argue for criminal penalties for women who have abortions – no one in the pro-life movement seeks that – but to show the irony in our law, and the striking quotes from those in the legal system as they recognize and defend the humanity of the youngest of babies. They sound so much like pro-lifers. One day, God willing, everyone will speak this way about children, even before birth.

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