Monday, October 12, 2009

Life Links 10/12/09

In case you missed it, the New York Times had a long article profiling a trio of abortion protestors. The New York Times photojournalism blog even featured pictures of the remains of aborted children taken by Monica Migliorino Miller.

Francis Beckwith wrote the following on the decision to give the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama based on Obama’s potential to bring peace:
Ironically, the fact that the unborn has not achieved certain powers and abilities it may only actualize in the future, and does not actualize in the present, is employed by some bioethicists to justify abortion. (See my critique of such arguments here and here). So, Obama’s potential gets him the Nobel Peace Prize, while the unborn’s potential, unfortunately, is not enough to avoid being awarded the prize of prenatal violence.

Scientists from Columbia Universityhave created a jaw joint bone from adult stem cells while ABC News has a story about how adult stem cells help a boy who was born without cheek bones. Below is a picture of Brad Guilkey, before and after surgery.

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