Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life Links 10/29/09

So much for gold standard, eh? After tricking California’s gullible voters into believing that embryonic stem cells were going to cure every malady known to man and intentionally downplaying the success of adult stem cell research, California’s stem cell agency is now giving the majority of research grants to projects that having nothing to do with embryonic stem cell research.

Here’s a web page which has a portion of NY Times editorial after the passage of Prop. 71 (the proposal which lead to the creation of California’s stem cell agency).

Bart Stupak has an editorial in The Hill about his efforts to exclude abortion funding from health care reform.

Stanford researchers have created egg and sperm cells using embryonic stem cells.

Suspicious packages were placed outside a Connecticut abortion clinic leading staff to evacuate. The packages were found to be non-threatening.

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