Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life Links 12/31/08

A couple in England have a healthy son after twice rejecting doctors suggestions that they abort the child.
Gaynor Purdy was warned her first child could have a fatal chromosome defect and a life threatening heart condition.

But she rejected two suggestions to terminate the pregnancy and she and her husband Lee are celebrating life with their "perfect" ten-month-old son.

Mrs Purdy, 28, a quality control inspector, said: "We refused to give up on him, and decided throughout the pregnancy that as long as he was fighting, we would continue fighting with him."

Melinda Penner discusses a dilemma which doesn't prove anything.

The Hill has an article on how Barack Obama will likely change Bush's embryonic stem cell policy and what effect that change will have on research. I enjoyed this quote from Sean Tipton.
“All we’ve been asking for is: ‘Treat embryonic stem cell research like everything else,’” Tipton said.
In other words, treat ethically problematic research as if it weren't ethically problematic.

The Prime Minister's Office in Canada has stated that "We will not introduce or support legislation on abortion" after the leader of the country's pro-life caucus said they would push for a debate.

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