Monday, December 15, 2008

Life Links 12/15/08

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s what what Planned Parenthood wants out of Obama’s presidency and Dave Andrusko’s summary of it.

Ross Douthat responds to pro-choice bloggers who have difficulty understanding why prolifers don’t want their tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood.
But telling people who are against abortion that they're "pro-herpes" because they don't support channeling three hundred million public dollars a year to America's largest abortion provider is the equivalent of me accusing a fierce and moralizing anti-theist like Sam Harris of being "anti-education" because he doesn't want his tax dollars being used to, say, fund the Catholic school system. The phenomenon of an institution that does good with one hand and evil with another is a familiar one in human history - even Hezbollah does a lot of impressive humanitarian work, I believe - and it does not by any means follow that those who oppose the evil are morally obligated to support the institution anyway just because it does other, less morally problematic things besides.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has an online article about a recent study of Australian women who either had abortions or miscarriages.
The study, which appears in the British Journal of Psychiatry, also showed that having an abortion before 21 years of age doubled the risk of alcohol abuse or of developing depression; and more than tripled the risk of illicit drug use.

The study took into account existing risk factors such as child sexual abuse, teenage alcohol and illicit drug use and mental health disorders.

It looks like the UK’s Telegraph and Sun are running a story about 10,000 women (that number seems awfully round, doesn’t it?) from Poland coming to Great Britain for abortions based solely on an estimate from a Polish pro-choice organization. Solid journalism, huh?

A couple of Russian news sources have noted that the bodies 5 unborn children who were apparently aborted were found in garbage bin in Moscow.

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