Monday, December 15, 2008

Potentially life-threatening condition? "No worries," says abortionist

The Raving Atheist has a post about a new blogger (AbortionBlogger) who started a blog to chronicle her experience with abortion. She had an RU-486 abortion last week.

In her post Clinic Day: Part 2 she discusses her experience inside the abortion clinic. During a vaginal ultrasound, the clinic worker is unable to find the embryo.
She asked if I wanted to see, and I said yes.

But she couldn't find anything. She looked at my chart and saw that my last period was only 5 weeks ago. "Hmm.. " she said. "The doctor will have to make a decision, but you may have to come back later, or this could be an ectopic pregnancy."


So.... then more waiting in the waiting room, then I talked to the doc for a short while (a dude, surprisingly enough). He told me there was a small chance I had an ectopic pregnancy, but he wasnt too worried about it because I was probably just too early for anything to show up on the ultrasound. So he wasnt making me come back in 2 weeks (SWEET!!!).

So she could have had a dangerous medical condition but the abortionist wasn’t too worried about since she was so early in her pregnancy. Since she was so early, wouldn’t it make sense for a responsible doctor to wait a couple weeks before giving her the abortion pills?

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