Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life Links 12/18/08

Wesley Smith on “experts” calling for more genetic tests to cull unborn children with Down Syndrome.
This is rank eugenics. Germans in the 1930s called it racial hygiene. Not long ago, it was considered the worst sort of bigotry. Not today, apparently because "the experts" tell us so.

Babies with Down won't be the only casualties of this pogrom, either. Making these tests universal will also result in the unintended deaths of babies that would have been born without a disability.

JT at Between Two Worlds links and quotes from a few posts in “Abortion, the New Administration and Anarchy.”

Sarah Posner has a piece in the American Prospect which provides some insight into how pro-choicers like Posner see prolife individuals who are involved in trying to get Democrats to embrace their abortion reduction goals.
Calling abortion "morally repugnant" shows that even those claiming to stand on "common ground" can still deploy the incendiary language that the evangelical-Catholic coalition claims to eschew. Common ground is a worthy goal, but the abortion-reduction coalition's claim to define it is itself an impediment to cooperation with the dominant pro-choice elements of Obama's coalition.

Luxemborg is currently in the process of attempting to legalize euthanasia but they’ll have to remove powers from Grand Duke Henri first.

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