Monday, December 08, 2008

Life Links 12/8/08

Ross Douthat has an editorial in the New York Times entitled, “Abortion Politics Didn’t Doom the G.O.P.”
Overturning Roe and Casey has never been an easy task, and the election of Barack Obama will make it that much more difficult. Facing a hostile governing majority, pro-lifers can and should talk more about the possibility of compromise: They should explain, more often and more cogently, that if Americans want laws that better reflect their muddled sentiments on abortion, it is pro-choice maximalism, not the pro-life movement, that’s really standing in the way.

But so long as the Supreme Court remains closely divided, and a post-Roe world remains in reach, the movement’s basic political task must remain the same. Not because pro-lifers are absolutists who reject compromise, but because any real compromise will always depend on overturning Roe. Giving up on this goal would mean giving up the movement’s very purpose, while gaining nothing in return.

Denis Boyles has the details of the latest ruling in the Kline/Planned Parenthood records case.

Embryonic stem cell will lead to miraculous cell-based therapies for every disease imaginable? Not likely. Instead their most likely use will be to test the toxicity of drugs.

Robert Klein, the head of CIRM, California’s embryonic stem cell agency, says, “Show me the money!”
Klein informed the board in September that he wanted a salary. He said that in consideration of the current economic climate, he would continue to provide at least 15 percent of his time to the institute for free.
What a nice guy! Who else wouldn't mind providing 15% of their work time for free if 85% of their work time resulted in a salary which will likely be around $500,000?

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