Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Life Links 12/3/08

Researchers in Germany have used adult stem cells to help treat a stroke patient.
The trial, led by Professor Thomas Brinker, of the International Neuroscience Institute in Hanover, is designed only to assess the safety of the new technique, and not to monitor its effectiveness. It will eventually involve 20 patients.

Even so, Professor Brinker said yesterday that the early indications looked good. “We see a path of recovery as good as this only in the minority of patients, so it is an encouraging start,” he said. “It is most important that we found [that there were] definitively no side-effects from the treatment.”

CBS News has reprinted a New Republic article by Denise Ross entitled, "Why Won't South Dakota Ban Abortion?"

In a recent sermon, Franklin Graham spoke out strongly against abortion.
"You say, ‘Well come on, Franklin. This is California. We’re kind of a liberal state, but they’ll still put you in jail for murder around here.’ No, they don’t,” Graham said before pointing to abortion as a form of murder.

“There’s some of you here tonight who are guilty, guilty of murder. And there are some of you men ... you’re guilty because you’ve approved of what your girlfriend has done or what your wife has done or your sister has done,” he said. “You’ve approved it, and you’re guilty too.”

The New York Times Magazine had a feature story by Alex Kuczynski on her experience with having a surrogate mother carry her biological child. The story also chronicles Kuczynski's failed IVF cycles.

Jill at Feministe has corrected her post about Planned Parenthood gift certificates after erronously claiming something like, "What they neglect to mention is Planned Parenthood provides an abortion for every 92,000 women it sees." Her post now reads, "What they neglect to mention that while Planned Parenthood of Indiana provided 5,000 abortions last year, that was out of 92,000 total patients." 92,000 divided by 5,000 means Planned Parenthood of Indiana provides an abortion for approximately every 18 patients it sees (though I'm wondering if the 92,000 stat is patients or services).

What amazes me about this is that Jill actually thought (after misreading a LA Times blog) Planned Parenthood only performs 1 abortion for every 92,000 patients. You have to be almost complete ignorant about Planned Parenthood's operations to believe something like that. After reading her blog, I immediately knew this had to be wrong considering that Planned Parenthood affiliates provide more than 250,000 abortions annually and I know they come nowhere near seeing 23 billion women.

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