Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ron Paul on the View

They get into an abortion discussion and Ron Paul makes some good points. He asks Joy Behar if it's "her body, her choice" why shouldn't he be allowed to perform abortions in the 8th month of pregnancy. Behar responds that there must be something wrong ("either her mental state or health") with a woman who wants an abortion at 8 months. Wait - what happened to it's her body, her choice?

Whoopi tries to act like she knows there is "a limit" to when someone can have an abortion. Towards the end of the segment, Joy Behar says "it's murder" when Paul says she's not in favor of abortion a minute before birth.

I would bet $100 that not a single woman hosting the View today could give an accurate description of what Roe v. Wade did. They all seem to be very in favor of Roe yet seem to have a very limited idea of what it wrought.

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