Thursday, December 27, 2007

Life Links 12/27/07

In case you missed it, Robert George wrote a letter to Anne Rice regarding her endorsement of Hillary Clinton.
For now, what I hope you will consider is simply this: The child in the womb either is or is not a human being–a member of the human family. If he or she is, then he or she is entitled as a matter of basic justice to the protection of laws and, indeed, to the equal protection of the laws. For a voter or public official to seek to deny to the unborn elementary legal protections against killing that we favor for ourselves and others we regard as worthy is a gross and appalling injustice. There is no way around this. Once one concedes the humanity of the child–as one must in view of the plain facts of human embryogenesis and early-intrauterine development–the principle of the profound, inherent, and equal dignity of every member of the human family requires the legal protection of the unborn.

A letter to Chicago's Daily Herald notes that not all opposition to abortion is based in religious beliefs.
Defenders of abortion concentrate heavily on religious arguments against abortion and generally ignore the secular arguments because they have no real answers.

When human life begins is not a matter of dogma or religion; it is a scientific fact provable in any laboratory that life begins at conception.

Former employees of movie producer Jon Peters are suing him because they claim Peters threatened to fire the husband if his wife didn't have an abortion.

It looks like Andy Meisner's seat in the Michigan House could be filled by someone (Ellen Cogen Lipton) who promotes as much misinformation on stem cell research as he does.
She said that as one of only five states that prohibits stem cell research, "Michigan is missing out" on millions of dollars in valuable federal grant money.
Let's see - Michigan doesn't prohibit embryonic stem cell research much less "stem cell research" and the University of Michigan received a fairly large (over $2 million) federal grant for embryonic stem cell research in 2003.

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