Friday, December 14, 2007

Life Links 12/14/07

A man in Oklahoma named Eric Phan is being charged with two counts of first degree murder after killing Lauren Barnes (who was 22 to 26 weeks pregnant) and their unborn child.
Barnes said she had told Phan's current girlfriend that he was the father of her unborn child and was afraid he would "blow up" when they met, the affidavit says....

Phan told Huynh "that he choked her and that the last thing she said to him was that she would get an abortion," Sgt. Cadle wrote in her affidavit.

Here are more details about the woman from the Netherlands who was jailed after allegedly obtaining an illegal abortion in Spain. Her lawyer claims she felt pressure to abort the child, she was living a double life, and she's Moroccan. The woman also contends she wasn't over the legal limit but the justice department claims they have evidence she was at least 27 weeks pregnant.

Matthew Baremore, a fourteen-year-old boy from Arizona was treated with stem cells from his bone marrow to help his severe scoliosis.
Flood straightened and bolstered Matthew's spine with a series of rods and pins _ a typical surgical treatment for severe scoliosis. Then the surgeon combined Matthew's own stem cells, which had been concentrated to pack about 10 times more cells than the traditional method, with crushed bone from the hospital bone bank.

I enjoyed this letter to editor in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel where the writer William Huber asserts, "I have been told that embryonic stem cells still hold the most promise for good, even though other cell types may prove helpful in the future, a truth that Goldberg ignores" in response to a recent Jonah Goldberg column about the recent advance with induced pluripotent stem cells.

Told by whom??? Sources matter. I've been told my niece is going to have her 5th birthday in a couple of weeks. However, the source for this information was my 2 year-old niece who will soon be turning 3.

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