Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life Links 12/13/07

A woman in the Netherlands has been released from a four-week stay in prison after allegedly procuring an illegal abortion in Spain. The prosecutor's office is still investigating.

A doctor in Australia tries to justify killing an unborn child at 32 weeks.

The reason the mother wanted the abortion?

Her child was diagnosed with dwarfism. According to Dr. Lachlan de Crespigny, this made her suicidal. So instead of getting her some counseling or mental health help, he injected potassium chloride into the child's heart because the pregnant woman requested an abortion.

Anyone who wants an abortion at 32 weeks because their child has dwarfism has serious mental or moral issues. Anyone who would agree to perform such an abortion is mentally or morally deranged.

The web site of the Washington Times is linking to the video of Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari telling medical students at Wayne State University about how he lies to clients and their significant others. The clip also includes the part where he claims that doctors have a "license to lie."

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