Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Life Links 12/4/07

Hillary is going after Obama for his votes on prolife legislation (he often voted "present" inside of "no") when he was a state senator in Illinois. The problem, however, is this is apparently how Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations told him how to vote. So what's worse for Obama - voting "present" on abortion restrictions or being instructed how to vote by others?

A cop in Illinois named Dick Lalowski got canned because he harassed individuals protesting at an abortion clinic. Here's a story with some information on how Lalowski treated the protesters.

In China, a man has been sentenced to death after severely burning his pregnant girlfriend. The attack burned 30% of her body and killed their unborn child. A possible reason for the attack could be that an ultrasound at 6 months indicated the child was a girl. It seems that this is what have might have prompted the boyfriend to request she have an abortion.

Michael J. Fox says he'll back the "most pro-science candidate is that comes out of either primary."

Hmmm.... Obama and Clinton both voted against funding alternatives methods of creating pluripotent stem cells. Does that mean they're "anti-science?" Fox is really saying he'll back the candidate most in favor of killing human embryos for research.

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