Monday, December 10, 2007

Life Links 12/10/07

On Sunday, the Topeka Capitol Journal printed a story about the scandal involving Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison. Morrison had an affair with a subordinate and the woman, Linda Carter, has claimed sexual harassment. Carter is also alleging Morrison pressured her to obtain information about Phill Kline's investigations into abortion providers. Morrison has admitted to the affair but is denying the other charges.
Morrison and Carter had an argument in March about Morrison's investigation of Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller. Kline had attempted to charge Tiller with violating the state's abortion statutes, but he was never was able to bring Tiller to trial.

When Morrison became attorney general, he promised to conduct a complete, independent review of the Tiller case. Carter said in her statement that she urged Morrison to charge Tiller.

She also said Morrison alleged Kline's approach to the abortion investigation was "unethical." The argument ended with Morrison storming out of Carter's apartment.

I'm having trouble understanding why anyone would pay $7,500 for retrieval and a $63 monthly storage fee to store your own adult stem cells. Doesn't your body already store them for you?

Edward Emig has a letter to the editor responding to Ellen Goodman's latest column.
The truth is that all human life, at whatever stage of development, has the same inherent moral value. Based on this truth, one's aunt with diabetes has no moral right to expect that human embryos should be destroyed as a means of helping to prolong her life simply because she has reached a more advanced stage of development.

Hadley Arkes discusses abortion and Giuliani in a reply to David Frum.
In reporting to us that Rudy Giuliani shares an aversion to abortion, he tells us that Giuliani has declared "his personal revulsion at abortion." Does David not recognize this as the old line of "personally opposed, but …"? That is, the line that treats an issue as a matter of personal feeling or personal taste and conspicuously not as a matter of moral judgment of right or wrong. Giuliani does not say, "I am personally opposed to racial discrimination, or the use of drugs, but who am I impose my personal revulsions on anyone else?" He treats those issues with the logic of a moral judgment, the judgment he conspicuously avoids here. This late in the seasons of our experience, why would David offer this argument with a straight face as though we were witless enough to be taken in by it?

Cristina Page is back with more delusions in the Huffington Post. This time she posits that numerous Republican candidates for president are against contraceptives because they believe that life begins at fertilization. Does this mean the authors of embryology textbooks oppose contraception as well?

Ridiculously broad statements include, "And pro-lifers insist the pill (prevents implantation)" and "Study after study proves that contraceptive use is the only way to prevent abortion" (the only "study" she then links to back up this assertion is the recent WHO/Alan Guttmacher "study").

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