Friday, December 21, 2007

Life Links 12/21/07

Serge’s thoughts on Yamanaka’s induced pluripotent stem cell work.

Wesley Smith on some new deception from the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures.

Jill Stanek relays a touching story from my hometown newspaper about a son finding out that he and his birthmother worked at the same Lowe’s.

It was good to see Mitt Romney call out Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press for her vote against finding alternative method of creating pluripotent stem cells. I would the mainstream media to pick up on this but I doubt it will happen unless someone like Romney continues to point it out.

Rev. Jim Luallen shows the distorted thinking of someone who’s a member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. After noting that the unborn are living organisms with human DNA, Luallen notes he thinks abortion isn’t morally wrong and should be legal because life isn’t an “entitlement.”
As a Christian minister, I believe that no one has a God-given right to be born. Life is a gift - not an entitlement. This is the truth revealed in the Bible.
So the unborn are alive and life is a gift from God but it’s okay to intentionally kill that life (gift from God). How’s that for clear thinking?

Anna Clark at the RH Reality Check blog discusses her conversion from being prolife to pro-choice. Note this instance of pro-choice tolerance.
I argued for having both the pro-choice and the anti-abortion groups sponsor the forum. A more diverse audience! We won't preach to that interminable choir! Besides, not all inmates are pro-choice. No, of course, we don't want this to be a debate. Let's have a nuanced conversation.

In this leftist group, alluding to anti-abortion views was no less startling and shameful than if I'd proceeded to urinate on another PCAPer. The others made meaningful eye contact to each other and moved on. The event was sponsored by the pro-choice group.

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