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Life Links 11/9/07

Justin Taylor in Boundless: From Adopted to Adopting

Paul Kengor discusses a possible Rudy-Hillary match up and how it would work out with regards to those who attend church and those opposed to abortion. Both Hillary and Rudy have been judged the "least religious" of their party's possible nominees.

John Kerry is still working the "I'm pro-choice but opposed to abortion" angle. He does note that he thinks the Democratic party has been "overly pro-choice" at times. I wish he would have expanded more on what he meant by being "overly pro-choice." It seems like he meant that Democrats don't mention they want fewer abortions enough but I'm not sure how not mentioning they want fewer abortions enough is "overly pro-choice."

The Los Angeles Times has printed a response by Gregory Popcak to Gary Wills' "Abortion isn't a religious issue" editorial.
Wills states that the fetus is human life "just like" a piece of hair is human life. That's like saying a seat cover is a mode of transportation "just like" a car is a mode of transportation because it decorates the car and moves when the car does. Hair is part of a living organism, but it is not alive in the same sense that a person is. Something that is merely part of the whole does not share the same essence as the whole.....

He argues the woman needs to be given the choice to decide when and whether she is carrying a fetus or a person. So, by some amazing act of cognitive voodoo, it is the woman's choice that decides when human personhood begins? Why then, restrict the woman's choice to the womb? Some philosophers, like Princeton's Peter Singer, have the courage of Wills' convictions, extending a woman's choice to end a life all the way through birth and infancy. Using his own argument, there is no logical reason Wills should deny a woman's right to infanticide. After all, qualified people disagree here too.

A woman from West Michigan, who is homeless and currently living in a woman's shelter, recently gave birth to triplets.
Roberts, who has a 13-year-old son from a previous relationship -- he lives with his father -- said that upon learning of her pregnancy with the triplets, "I did think about abortion at the time, but it was just a thought...."

"I wish I could have made some different decisions," she said. "But I felt these babies were meant to be. I have a strong faith in God that He will see me through."

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