Thursday, November 01, 2007

Life Links 11/1/07

Scientists at Jefferson College of Medicine have discovered there are stem cells located in the "intervertebral discs of the human spine, suggesting that such cells might someday be used to help repair degenerating discs and remedy lower back and neck pain." They even got some press coverage in U.S. News and World Report.

Jeanine Plant has an article focused on prolifers in the documentary movie Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion. I believe the article shows us more about Plant than it does about prolifers.

Terry Lawson reviews Lake of Fire in the Detroit Free Press.
In the film's most stunning sequence, Kaye turns his camera on a 28-year-old woman and follows her through the entire procedure, from giving her history to the clinic counselor -- a survivor of childhood abuse, this will be her fifth abortion -- through the surgery prep to the operating table and then, to the recovery room. There, she attempts to make sense of what has just happened to her body and that of a child to whom she might have given life.

If you shed tears here, it will not just be for the unborn, but for those who must go on living.

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