Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Life Links 11/28/07

Kathleen Parker asks a good question to a couple of individuals who think having no kids (or aborting the ones you conceive) will help save the planet.
If we're not saving the planet for our kids, for whom are we saving it? After we're all sterilized and aborted, who's going to appreciate the fact that global warming is, by golly, under control? Who's going to live to tell the tale?

Former Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz continues to promote killing and cloning human embryos in Michigan - this time at the Livingston Democratic Party headquarters. He claims the majority of people support his position on embryonic stem cell research and it's wrong that the supposed minority opinion is Michigan's current law. I wonder if he feels the same way about human cloning for research?

Marcia Baum of the Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures was there as well, spreading her usual pro-embryonic stem cell myths like claiming there are 400,000 embryos "that could be used for embryonic stem cell research." Never mind the majority of those embryos aren't available for research.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution details how an employee of Operation Rescue was jailed for display photos of aborted children on his truck. According to the Journal-Constitution police arrested Robert Roethlisberger Jr. based on a "provision that refers to ‘the display of obscene and vulgar images visible to persons under age 14.'" On the side of the internet article (and possible the newspaper article?) there is a picture of one side of Roethlisberger's truck.

It's nice to know that Amy Moy of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate is so sure that abortion can never cause long-term emotional effects by itself. Here's a quote from a San Franscisco Examiner article about a conference for men dealing with post-abortion issues.
A Planned Parenthood Golden Gate spokeswoman said abortion alone doesn't cause long-term grief. "If there is any long-term emotional impact, then there are other emotional issues at play," Amy Moy said.

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