Monday, November 19, 2007

Life Links 11/19/07

Jack Kevorkian - the assisted suicide advocate who cried "I'm near death." Not Dead Yet has the details.

Some embryonic stem cell researchers really come up with odd reasoning to justify their killing of human embryos. Laura Grabel, a professor at Wesleyan University had this to say recently:
"My position is that if I create a line of stem cells from an embryo, I don't think I've destroyed it," Grabel said. "I think I've allowed it to continue its life, especially if it's helping someone."

Students for Life of America have post video clips of a recent speech given by abortionist Alberto Hodari at Wayne State University. In the first short clip, he says doctors have a license to lie. The second clip is a 50 minute clip. It is somewhat difficult to understand most of what Hodari says.

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