Monday, November 26, 2007

Fighting the Tide of Reality

What do you do when your efforts to legalize human cloning in Michigan get completely undermined by a recent scientific breakthrough?

Marcia Baum and the Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures have decided to spin the recent news that pluripotent stem cells can be obtained by reprogramming skin cells. Research that totally undermines their effort to legalize human cloning in Michigan is somehow an "advancement in embryonic stem cell research" and Michigan laws banning human cloning and the killing of human embryos somehow forced Michigan researchers to "miss out" on this recent research which didn't require the cloning or killing of human embryos.

Marcia then notes some of the potential problems with pluripotent iPS cells. It's amazing how all these obstacles to using pluripotent stem cells for clinical treatments suddenly get mentioned now that we don't need to kill human embryos to get them. It's also amazing the MCSCRC web site never mentions the numerous technical problems with trying to obtain and treat people with embryonic stem cells from cloned human embryos (or nuclear transfer blastocysts in MCSCRC-speak).

Truly amazing!

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