Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Detroit News and reporter Kim Kozlowski still can't write an unbiased story on stem cells

The Detroit News has another article on stem cell research. The article notes how some individuals are traveling overseas to receive various stem cell treatments. There's just a couple of problems. One, embryonic stem cells are described as,
These cells are derived from unclaimed fertilized eggs in fertility clinics that are typically discarded as medical waste. They are highly prized because the cells can be developed into any type of tissue, while the uses for adult stem cells are limited.

Unclaimed fertilized eggs? Okay, we already knew that in biased media "fertilized eggs" are the preferred term for human embryos but "unclaimed?" That's just ridiculous. They aren't "unclaimed." Their parents have decided to donate their embryonic children for research. Thank you Kim Kozlowski for once again showing your bias.

Second problem: After describing embryonic stem cells as cells from "unclaimed fertilized eggs in fertility clinics," Kozlowski describes the treatment of a man named Chuck Burt by writing,
That's why Chuck Burt of White Lake Township went to Beijing two years ago for an embryonic stem cell treatment in his spinal cord, which was injured in a car accident in 2000 that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Except that when you Google "chuck burt" and "stem cell" you get this story which describes how Mr. Burt received cells from "aborted fetuses." Not quite cells from "unclaimed fertilized eggs,"eh?

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