Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Endorsing Fred?

It's official. National Right to Life Committee will/has endorsed Fred Thompson for president.

Ross Douhat finds it hard to believe anyone who has followed what Thompson has said on abortion and how he has run his campaign would believe Thompson is the most deserving of this endorsement.

I tend to agree. Currently, Thompson seems to be neither the most viable nor the most prolife candidate.

Ramesh notes this is the first time NRLC has endorsed a candidate who isn't in favor of the Human Life Amendment.

David Freddoso writes about the possible effect this endorsement could have on Thompson's campaign which seems to be languishing in recent weeks.

I also find the timing to be a bit off. I mean, Fred's numbers aren't real impressive in the early states. If "viability" is the reason, they're endorsing Thompson over someone like Huckabee (who has a much stronger and more consistent prolife position) then they might have wanted to make that endorsement about a month ago.

What happens if/when Mitt wins Iowa, New Hampshire, gets first or second in South Carolina while Thompson sits in 3rd or 4th? At that point, won't it seemingly be a race between Romney and Giuliani?

As Jill Stanek notes, "As it becomes clearer pro-lifers are not going to coalesce around one or even two candidates, the likelihood only increases Giuliani will win the nomination."

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