Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who wants partial-birth abortions?

Don't you love the start of this AP article?
Women who want a controversial abortion procedure for health reasons have few options beyond going to court and trying to prove that a Supreme Court decision banning the practice should not apply.

Because you know all those women looking for late term abortions enter an abortion clinic, look over the menu which describes different abortion procedures and then decide they want the procedure where the abortion provider will dilate their cervix for 2 days, fully deliver the unborn child except the head, use an object (be it scissors, a finger or something else) to puncture the child's skull so the contents of the child's brain contents will come out and the head can be removed.

The most hilarious part of all the wailing pro-choice organizations are doing is when they act like pregnant women are the ones who choose this procedure and will be greatly hurt because one of their options is no longer legal.

Partial-birth abortion is a method some abortionist prefer. It's not a procedure method pregnant women are clamoring to choose over other abortion procedures.

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