Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Life Links 4/10/07

Here's another story about some of those individuals whom the National Abortion Federation thinks we should celebrate.

Rebecca Taylor on the "only glimmer of hope" (according to some newspapers) which has never come anywhere near working.
I have to ask the Joplin Globe how can some procedure that to date has never worked in humans be anyone's "only" or even best hope? Ethics aside, shouldn't we be a tad skeptical and see if anyone can actually clone a human embryo and extract stem cells from it before we decide it is the "only" hope?

The Portsmouth Herald has an article about the Genocide Awareness Project's recent trip to the University of New Hampshire. Here's a quote from a pro-choice student about why she's pro-choice:
"I have seen firsthand what happens to these children that don't get adopted," she said, sobbing. "So many little girls are forced into (slavery); to me it would be better off if they had been aborted. Abortion is choosing a better life even if it's not living."
Abortion is choosing a better life for the child?? How is not living a "better life?" If killing unborn children makes them better off because they wouldn't have the chance of being forced into slavery, then wouldn't it follow that killing those poor little girls who are forced into slavery would make them better off as well?

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine are hoping they'll be able to use cochlear stem cells to treat hearing loss in mice and eventually humans.

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