Friday, April 13, 2007

How should pro-choicers deal with prolife signs?

Take ‘em down and throw 'em away. Or at least that's what Eyelid (who heads the abortion information community at myspace) suggests.

Class act, huh?

Imagine the indignant cries (That's a violation of free speech! Fanatical, violent anti-choicers!) if any pro-choice sign of theirs was ever tampered with.

Oh, and when pro-choicers act like women won't reconsider their choice to have an abortion if they see an ultrasound of their child (supposedly because they've already weighed everything and completely understand what they're doing)- read this from someone who seems to still be leaning to having an abortion.
When I saw the ultrasound, I realized that I could not do this - I saw a little clump of life inside of me, and became instantly protective of it. I kept going with the rest of my appointment and scheduled my procedure regardless, because I knew that a crowded abortion clinic would not be the place to discuss this with my boyfriend.

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