Monday, April 30, 2007

Katha Pollitt on "abortion doctors"

April 2007:
When Kennedy refers to the gynecologists and obstetricians who perform abortions as "abortion doctors," he's repeating anti-choice language intended to impugn the professionalism of these physicians and make it easier to disregard their judgment about how best to care for their patients. Abortion doctors! What do they know?

January 2006:
In the New York Times Magazine Eyal Press, a contributing writer to this magazine, writes of his father, a heroically brave and dedicated abortion doctor....

That Justice Kennedy!! How dare he use a term I used a little over a year ago!!

Note to Katha: Before you claim someone is "impugn(ing)" another by using a certain term, check to make sure you haven't used that term in a positive manner.

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