Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life Links 4/24/07

Hadley Arkes on the Carhart v. Gonzales and what the future may hold with regards to prolife legislation:
But if legislators could take that modest move of banning abortions on the basis of sex, the public mind could be prepared for reasoning about the next step: barring abortions based on the disability of the child. In surveys in the past, more than half of the public were opposed to aborting a child if the child was likely to be born deaf. The opposition seemed to be invariant by the period of gestation. My own reading was that, if people thought it was wrong to kill someone because of his deafness, they did not think that the wrong varied with the age of the victim.

ABC's Jan Crawford Greenburg on how legal views most likely played a greater role in the justices' majority decision than their denomination. I wonder if Geoffrey Stone thinks less of his infantile theory now that Rosie O'Donnell has espoused it.

Legislation has been introduced in Michigan to allow citizens to report abortion complications because abortion providers aren't following the law when it comes to reporting abortion complications. Compare those numbers to abortion complications numbers in Minnesota (pg. 20-21) where about half as many abortions occur.

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