Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pro-choice hate

One pro-choice father shares the tragic story (language warning) of his wife's pregnancy and his decision to have doctors end the pregnancy which was threatening his wife's life. He seems to not understand the vast majority of prolifers aren't opposed medical treatment to save a woman's life as long as efforts are made to save the life of the child if possible. In this case, it wouldn't have been possible because to save the life of the child because the pregnancy was only 9 weeks along. He shares some rather harsh feelings of anger he had towards prolifers while waiting to know if his wife was alright. I've edited the language
Mainly, then, I start to think about the abortion debate. About pro-lifers, in particular. I think about all those meddling politicians that would want to interject themselves into everything that just happened to me, interject themselves between me, my wife, and her doctors. And then I had a strong, visceral reaction. I wanted the m*f* to die. I wanted to rip off their heads and tear out their hearts, because how DARE they play politics with my wife's life? The baby was fine until the end. I wondered if that would have meant they'd force us to let my wife bleed until almost death before they'd let us abort, because well, if she's not near death, then it is just a 'health' exception, and we can't have that! F* them. F* them all. They can f* die, as far as I'm concerned.
Such anger and hate for a group of people he apparently knows so little about. The prolifers I know would have been the first to tell him and his wife how sorry they were for their loss and situation.

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