Friday, April 13, 2007

Life Links 4/13/07

Caitlan Moran, a columnist for the London Times, argues that abortion is the ultimate motherly act.

Seriously. It's sickening. Here's just a taste:
By whatever rationale you use, ending a pregnancy 12 weeks into gestation is incalculably more moral than bringing an unwanted child into this world. Or a child that, through no fault of its own, would be the destructor of a marriage, a family, a parent. It's fairly inarguable to say that unhappy children, who then grew into very angry adults, have caused the great majority of mankind's miseries.
"By whatever rationale you use, killing a born child at 12 weeks is incalculably more moral than allowing an unwanted child to stay in this world." Using Moran's thinking shouldn't we then be allowed to kill "unwanted" children at 12 weeks of age simply because they could possibly cause various miseries to mankind. Also, Moran provides no argument to how unwanted children have caused "the great majority of mankind's miseries" because it is somehow "fairly inarguable." I guess that's what happens when you don't have an argument.

In the meantime, in Belgium, half of the children who die before the age of one are euthanized . Around 30% are done because the child will have "an acceptable quality of life" and 16% are done without consulting the parents.

HT: Wesley Smith

Researchers from Germany have transformed stem cells found in bone marrow into premature sperm cells. Some papers have decided to run this story leading with how this research could possibly create sperms cells from women so lesbians could have biological children.

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