Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Time's article on pregnancy centers

If you haven't read it already, here's a long article in Time about pregnancy centers. In terms of long articles about pregnancy centers, this article is probably one of the fairer ones.

I found this part interesting,
Courtney Barbour, an administrative assistant at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, arranged to pick up the urine of a pregnant woman on her way to Birthchoice, a CPC in nearby Raleigh, so she would test positive and see the reaction. Having heard horror stories from friends in college, she was braced for the worst. "But it really wasn't what I expected," Barbour says. "They acted like they really did want to help me." While one woman handled the pregnancy test, Barbour spoke to a counselor who was very sympathetic. "She didn't show me any disgusting movies--though she did show me these plastic models of the fetus at each stage of development--and told me that it has a heartbeat immediately, which I knew medically was not true."

Barbour seems to be completely ignorant about fetal development and worse Barbour's ignorance of fetal development is never corrected in the article and treated as if it were true or if Barbour had some kind of expertise in fetal development. How easy would it have been for the reporter to look up an embryology textbook or maybe even give an embryologist at the local university a call?

Another thing the reporter might have wanted to include is some more background on Ms. Barbour. A google search would have revealed that Ms. Barbour is not just an administrative assistant. In fact, she labels herself "a second-generation pro-choice activist" in an e-mail she wrote to Brian Williams and posted on her blog.

A "second-generation pro-choice activist" who doesn't know the first thing about when an unborn child's heart starts beating? I'm not surprised either.

Courtney is also the type of individual who uses the term "f***wads" when referring to prolifers (language warning). She also appears to think the U.S. government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Here's another interesting quote from an abortion provider in North Carolina:
"If I didn't continue, the place would close. No one wants to go into abortion providing. But it's so important. I know that I'm providing a service to women that no one else will."
The unanswered question is: Why does no one want to go into abortion providing?

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