Thursday, February 08, 2007

Classic "I'm sorry if...." apologies from Edwards' bloggers

Both Amanda and Shakes have posted classic "I'm sorry if" apologies on the John Edwards blog. Edwards says he is personally offended by the tone and sentiment of some of their posts (did he read these posts before hiring them?). He has talked to them and believes "it was never their intention to malign anyone's faith." If he believes that Amanda never intended to malign anyone's faith for a millisecond, he's stupider than I thought.

Too bad this Washington Post story didn't include any quotes from Amanda's blog.

Here's the "You Might Be a Godbag If" post from Punkass Marc along with Amanda's approving comment of the list.

Among the list are:

"If openly argue that your god/s is/are the only true god/s and everyone else's gods are a bunch of phooey, you're a godbag."

So you're a godbag if you actually believe your religion is true and are willing to stand up for your beliefs.

"Similarly, if you collect money in the name of or try to make a living off of people's beliefs in god/s, you're baggin' it god-style."

So every pastor who makes a living by being a pastor is a godbag.

More commentary on the non-firing at Hot Air.

UPDATE: Dawn Eden nails it -
I guess it's nice to know that all those times her blog referred to Our Lord and Saviour as "Jeebus" — in 114 blog entries to date (the most recent last Sunday) — she was only kidding.

It's also interesting looking through the comments section of various blogs who are fans of Amanda and reading their reactions to Amanda's "apology" and Edwards reaction. Many are not happy with Edwards for scolding the bloggers and calling their language intolerant.

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