Thursday, February 01, 2007

Random thoughts

About the casting of 24: Why is Jack Bauer's dad like 7 feet tall (he's actually 6'7)? Jack is probably around 5'10 while his brother is probably like 5'7. I know there can be large height differences between children and their parents but it just seems odd to have the senior Bauer towering over his sons.

Also, why do you hire a woman (Marisol Nichols) of Mexican descent (according to IMDB) for the role of a woman (Nadia) who is supposed to be of Middle-Eastern descent?

If you're running for President, why would you appoint someone to be in charge of your blog who has a long history of swearing up a storm and has used the term "godbag" to describe Christians?

Rasheed Wallace is probably one of the most annoying professional basketball players. You're 6'11. Stop standing outside the 3-point line. Post up and get some rebounds.

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