Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Links 2/21/07

A thirteen-year-old girl in Italy was forced by a court to have an abortion because of her mother's wishes.
Since the abortion this month, Valentina has been recovering in a hospital psychiatric unit. La Stampa quoted her as saying: "You made me kill my baby now I'm going to kill myself."

Wesley Smith on the "anything goes" ethics of the International Society for Stem Cell Research.
There is also the usual discouragement of reproductive cloning. However, the Guidelines do not claim that creating a cloned human embryo for gestation and birth is morally wrong. Rather, they provide a strictly utilitarian analysis: "Given current scientific and medical safety concerns, attempts at human reproductive cloning should be prohibited." Of course, today's safety concerns may be overcome tomorrow. Indeed, the very research that the Guidelines encourage--e.g. creating cloned and natural embryos for experimentation--could provide information about early gene expression needed to eventually make reproductive cloning "safe."

James Bopp Jr. argues that social conservatives should support Mitt Romney.

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