Friday, February 23, 2007

Addition is not the strong suit of the RH Reality Check Blog

Marcy Bloom in her second attempt to argue that the right to an abortion is a basic human right, writes,
With 68,000 women (mostly black and brown) dying from unsafe abortion in the developing world every year, including 34,000 women in Africa, 38,000 women in Asia, and 5,000 women in Latin America, this public health necessity has become a moral, legal, and political imperative.
Is there a typo here? Because 34,000 plus 38,000 plus 5,000 is 77,000 not 68,000. Looks like Bloom might have gotten some of her women dying from unsafe abortions estimates mixed up.

I also think this part is laughable.
Forcing a woman to undergo a clandestine abortion threatens her rights to life and survival, violating the most fundamental of human rights.
Hmm... Since when do laws which ban abortion force women into clandestine abortions? Oh wait, they don't anymore than laws against robbery force people to rob banks. Or laws against forcible sex force men to rape women.

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