Thursday, February 08, 2007

Life Links 2/8/07

Michelle Malkin has a Edwards/Marcotte update (language warning) and points to a Marcotte post on the death of William Rehnquist that shows just how ignorant Marcotte was about certain things. What state would have outlawed birth control? What politician supports outlawing birth control? I think my resignation prediction still has a chance since we're not sure yet if she has been fired.

Jason Mattera discusses how a Catholic school in Michigan has canceled a prolife speaker named Dan Flynn. Flynn was going to talk about Margaret Sanger. There was some controversy in the same school, Mercy High School, a couple of years ago when they had an auction and one of the items up for bid was a lunch with Michigan's pro-choice governor, Jennifer Granholm.

Michael Fumento on amniotic stem cells.
Given the growing number of state initiatives that fund embryonic stem cell, but not non-embryonic stem cell, research and given that overall National Institutes of Health funding increases are unlikely anytime soon, is it truly moral to take away funds from a technology that's been saving lives for half a century in favor of another technology that promises nothing but "promise"?

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