Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's a wannabe President to do?

It seems like the rest of internet has picked up on the recent edition to the John Edwards campaign staff including Michelle Malkin, Kathryn Jean Lopez and Dean Barnett. I think this leaves the Edwards campaign in a bit of a predicament.

If they keep Amanda Marcotte on staff then they'll continue to have to deal with (or maybe just ignore) people posting and commenting on some of Marcotte's more venomous rants. Maybe that's okay with them or maybe they think it will blow over but when someone you hire is on record as saying the type of things Marcotte has, you're in for a long ride.

If they fire her, then they'll probably face an angry left-wing blogosphere. Plus, they'll have to justify why they hired her in the first place and why they fired her.

If you hired her because you thought she was a good blogger, then that means you read her blog, right? If you thought her blog was good then you'd have to think the regular use of profanity and the mocking of religious people (amongst other things) is okay, right?

If you fire her because you were unaware of her use of language and positions, then that makes you look wholly incompetent because then it seems like you didn't do any research on the person you hired to run your blog. If you're going to hire someone to run your blog, maybe you should at first look over what they've written on their blog and agree with the majority of it, right?

Can anyone see a resignation in the near future? Maybe the "I don't want my blog to restrict the efforts of this campaign. This should be a campaign about the issues and how we can make America a better place. My hire by the Edwards' campaign has impeded the ability of John Edwards to share his message of hope with America. Therefore, I tendered my resignation so the campaign could focus on the important issues which face America." type of resignation?

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