Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We're still nowhere near a plethora of cures

Maureen Condic has a long and worthwhile article in First Things discussing where embryonic stem cell research is in solving the scientific problems (immune rejection, tumor formation and making the embryonic cells capable of repairing adult tissue) which have prevented these cells from coming anywhere close to being used in humans.
The mysteries of embryonic development have been plumbed for more than a hundred years by some of the most brilliant biologists of history, and yet, despite the clear progress we have made, we are nowhere near the point of having a "recipe book" for cooking up cellular repair kits to treat human disease and injury. Immune rejection, tumor formation, and embryonic development have proved themselves to be profoundly serious scientific challenges, and they are likely to remain so for decades into the future.....

Millions of dollars have been consumed, and hundreds of scientific papers published, and yet the problems still remain. The promised miraculous cures have not materialized even for mice, much less for men.
HT: Wesley Smith

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