Thursday, December 14, 2006

Life Links 12/14/06

The Center for Bioethical and Culture has YouTube videos of Peter Singer on the Colbert Report. You have to wonder about a man who thinks it's immoral to kill a shrimp but not immoral to kill an infant with a disability.

Kevorkian's lawyer is hoping Governor Granholm will grant Kevorkian early release before his scheduled release in June. Kevorkian says he's looking forward to doing some writing and possibly speeches when he's released. The Detroit Free Press has a timeline of events surrounding Kevorkian which chronicles how the majority of the individuals he assisted in killing weren't terminally ill and how some didn't even have diagnosed health issues.

The National Review has an interview up with Governor Mitt Romney where he discusses among other things his change of heart/mind on the abortion issue.

Here's the story of a brave Vietnamese woman who left here abusive Taiwanese husband after her husband and mother-in-law tried to get her to have an abortion.

Support for embryonic stem cell research has declined according to a survey from Virginia Commonwealth University.

In completely unrelated news, Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Joel Zumaya's injury during the baseball playoffs this year was reportedly caused by him playing a guitar video game.

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