Friday, December 29, 2006

Life Links 12/29/06

Serge on another study which shows that increased access to Plan B and taking it more often doesn't significantly lower the pregnancy rate of the participants with increased access compared to participants without standard access.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood of Connecticut is selling "I heart EC" t-shirts. HT: Dawn Eden

The Associated Press has an article on outgoing pro-choice Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz and his plans after the end of his term. There is a classic quote from Schwarz. Note to Joe: No one's preventing you from promoting embryonic stem cell research. As usual, the article also gets what Michigan law does (it doesn't prevent embryonic stem cell research, it prevents the killing of human embryos for research) wrong. The article also mentions the Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures (Schwarz is on their advisory board) and notes the group "aims to persuade residents that the state is losing out on potential cures and economic benefits by restricting the practice."

The organization's web site takes a somewhat different approach, claiming their goal is "educating our state's residents about the stem cell research process and its potential for life-saving cures and treatments."

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