Monday, December 18, 2006

Let the medical research go forward.....

Unless it doesn't require the killing of human embryos, that is. Governor Jennifer Granholm is opposed to a bill which would provide tax incentives to individuals who donate to an umbilical cord blood bank. The bill mentioned is one of 4 bills (H.B. 6291-6294) which would create a statewide network of cord blood stem cell banks. H.B. 6294, the bill which would have provided $5 million in funding, wasn't taken up by the Senate because of the state's budget problems.

The comments by Granholm's spokesperson Liz Boyd seem to indicate Governor Granholm's office doesn't have the slightest clue what they're talking about when it comes to stem cell research.
"Cord blood cells are helpful, but nowhere to the extent of stem cell research. In these tough budget times, we have to get the most bang for our buck, and this doesn't meet that test"

Guess what Liz? There are stem cells in umbilical cord blood and those stem cells have done much more for human beings than stem cells from embryos.

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