Monday, December 18, 2006

Life Links 12/18/06

A stem cell quiz - it'd be nice if we could have some reporters take this quiz. Maybe we need a Michigan-specific quiz for the editorial board at the Detroit News which still claims Michigan has a ban on stem cell research even though they ran a story in November discussing how embryonic stem cell research was occurring at the University of Michigan.

Here's probably one of the saddest editorials I've seen all year. Here's a hint for Elisa Gonzales Clark: Your friends don't think you're immature because you don't have kids. Your friends probably think you're immature because you still put flirting with Johnny Depp and getting Kiefer Sutherland to ask for your friend's digits on some kind of best-experience-of-my-life-pedestal.

South Koreans researchers are still cloning dogs and it appears they're getting more efficient.

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