Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A sad day for intellectual honesty at one Canadian university

The Carleton University Student's Association has voted overwhelmingly to not fund groups who think that abortion shouldn't be legal and advocate making abortion illegal. It seems that Canadian students now have the right not to be offended. There's also this article from the CBC. Note the utterly ridiculous quote from graduate student John Baglow. So is there "mutual respect" when the prolife views of Carleton students are compared to the views of the KKK and the student's association bars them from receiving funding? Sounds like complete disrespect to me.

Mr. Baglow doesn't seem to understand that "mutual respect" doesn't mean prolifers have to agree with his view. It means prolifers and pro-choicers must both treat each other's views with respect and treat the individuals expousing those differing views as you would like to be treated.

Both Suzanne and Deborah Gyapong attended the meeting.

Isn't it great to know that some pro-choicers are so tolerant that they'll let prolifers receive funding for a prolife group as long as the prolife group is pro-choice? Gee, thanks.

Remember this whole motion seems to have been started after some pro-choicers got creamed in a debate.

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