Monday, December 04, 2006

Florida? Are you kidding me?

How can a team that beat South Carolina by one point at home, beat Vanderbilt by only 6 points, squeeked out game after game and lost to Auburn by 10 (the same Auburn team that lost to Georgia by 22 points and lost to Arkansas by 17) be considered better than a team who dominated every team they played with the exception of the #1 ranked team in country whom they lost to on the road by 3 points?

Shame on every single voter (coach or sportswriter) who voted to leapfrog Florida above Michigan because they "didn't want to see a re-match" or thought "Michigan already had their shot." You've used a broken system to engineer a national championship game you personally prefer instead of doing your job. You've embarrassed yourselves and your votes should be taken away.

The two best college football teams in the country are Ohio State and Michigan. Every person with an IQ that isn't more than two standard deviations below the norm and a decent knowledge of college football knows this.

The two best teams in college football should play for the national championship. That's who should be playing in the national championship game regardless of whether they've played before. The real national championship game was played on November 18 in Columbus, Ohio. This event on January 8th is a farce.

For more commentary on how you can read Pat Forde's take or the opinion of Gene Wojciechowski.

The call for a playoff will only get louder and louder.

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