Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not a good night for Michigan prolifers

Four more years of governor who "personally opposes abortion" yet vetoes a ban on partial-birth abortion. Not to mention the scary possibility of Carl Levin retiring at the end of his term and Granholm running for his seat in 2008.

At least six more years (and probably more) of radical pro-abortion U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow.

The Michigan House is now in the hands of Democrats while the Michigan Senate looks to stay in Republican hands. Both houses will have fairly strong prolife majorities because of a good number of prolife Democrats but the questions of will these prolife Democrats get positions on committees which vote on prolife bills and if any prolife Democrats will have leadership roles is up in the air. I've also heard that there might be a possibility that Andy Meisner, a big advocate of human cloning for research, could attempt to take on a leadership role in the house. Ughh....

If the Democrats end up having a majority in the U.S. Senate, the prospects of a Supreme Court judicial nominee like Alito or even Roberts passing through committee becomes more difficult. I would really not be comfortable with another "stealth" candidate like Souter.

I feel like independent voters of this election had a throw-the-bums out mentality for legislative offices except for when it came to Democrats holding statewide offices. Despite outspending Granholm, DeVos received a smaller percentage of votes than Dick Posthumus did in 2002 and seems like Granholm got the vast majority of people who were undecided heading into election day and didn't get a ton more votes than Republican senatorial candidate Michael Bouchard.

The Democrats will have a chance to put forth and get votes on their legislative agenda. We'll have to see how the American people respond to it.

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