Monday, November 27, 2006

Life Links 11/27/06

James Kelly on why opposition to embryo-killing research shouldn't be a losing issue
When ESCs and human cloning are hyped with lies and frauds, call the lies and frauds by their name. When the motive for the deceptions is money, expose it. The public might be confused by scientific double talk, but it understands lies, frauds, and self-serving financial interests.....

If Americans can be shown that their health is being sacrificed, that their hopes are being exploited, and their trust has been betrayed to promote biotech financial goals, stem cell issues will become conservative and pro-life political strengths, rather than weaknesses.

The UK's Lord Winston explains why he thinks every parents should be able to choose the sex of their child. He doesn't see how this treats children as commodities and never really talks about the embryos who don't have the right combination of chromosomes which determine someone's sex.

Here's a pro-choice student at the University of Maryland's take on displays using pictures of aborted children. The student believes the pictures are most likely real yet opposes such displays because they can evoke feelings of shame. But if the unborn aren't valuable human beings worthy of protection then why should anyone be ashamed for killing them or playing a role in killing them?

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